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Bel Soley relies on its strong partnership with both suppliers and farmers to provide the best products from Haiti.  Bel Soley ensures that all players in the supply chain are treated with the outmost best service and respect.  Our partners include farmers, non-profit organization, government agencies, international development group, individual investors, and angel investors, US wholesalers.

Bel Soley offers an attractive proposal to wholesalers in the US looking for great organic products.  We have a complete range of products that we will be offering at different stages of the company.  If you are looking for a product that sets you as the differentiator, we are ready to help with early research and planning.

Bel Soley will also build brand awareness by targeting products to the Haitian-American community initially, then expand. The brand will build on the mystique of Haiti – dark passion.
Our successful partnerships are based on a long-term relation that embraces mutual economic and social objectives agreed-upon by all parties.

International Partners
Community Coalition for Haiti  (CCH)
CCH is a coalition of churches and individuals, primarily from Northern Virginia, dedicated to supporting medical, education, social, religious and economic improvement in Haiti, with a focus on the Pignon region of Haiti. CCH is committed to improve the quality of life of the people of Haiti and to fulfill God’s commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves.  CCH strives to build partnerships aimed at improving opportunities for the local population to make sufficient income for food, clean water, education, shelter and healthcare.  CCH supports the goals and objectives of its partner community groups, who determine the priorities for the community’s development and support needs. CCH is an interdenominational 501(c)(3) volunteer organization. www.cchaiti.org

A New Investment Model  Adopting a mission investing approach, Bel Soley is bringing changes to the way we invest.   read more

Bel Soley makes sense
Hear what investors, non-profits organizations, international development groups are saying about Bel Soley. 
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Corporate Responsability
Treating employees, suppliers and customers with respect and dignity is our drive for success. 
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Helping Reforest Haiti as an economic activity through partnership with farmers.  
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