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Nap Boule Hot Sauce Mango Cherry: Mangoes grow so well in Haiti that there are over 60 varieties. Bel Soley picks the best Francique and Mango Blanc mangoes and uses these special varieties in our sauces, along with Piman Bouk peppers.

Nap Boule Hot Sauce Papaya: Papaya is a delightful fruit grown all over Haiti. Our papaya sauce contains other locally-grown ingredients, including Chadeque, which is a sweet local variety of grapefruit, and sugar cane sugar, for which Haiti is so well known.

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A New Investment Model  Adopting a mission investing approach, Bel Soley is bringing changes to the way we invest.   read more

Bel Soley makes sense
Hear what investors, non-profits organizations, international development groups are saying about Bel Soley. 
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Corporate Responsability
Treating employees, suppliers and customers with respect and dignity is our drive for success. 
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Helping Reforest Haiti as an economic activity through partnership with farmers.  
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