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About Bel Soley

Bel Soley Foods is the first application of our  Haitian-American Bel Soley business concept. With an initial investor capitalization and purchase orders from American wholesalers, Bel Soley Foods is active in two areas of Haiti.  The Bel Soley operation in the northern part of Haiti leverages NGO support in Pignon to produce dried fruit and noni juice and the operation in the southern part of the country leverages NGO support in Les Cayes to produce peppers and dried fruit.   Both operations will grow by adding volume, additional agricultural products and additional processing technologies to prepare products for the Haitian and US markets. Future plans include establishment of new locations and expansion into other labor-intensive businesses, such as textiles and handicrafts


Our Team


Patrick Lucien, Chief Executive Officer, Founder: Haitian-American: Senior Corporate Application and Marketing engineer at Mentor Graphics, founder of EDEM Foundation, community leader.

Kenson Calixte, Chief Operations Officer, Founder: Haitian-American MBA from Babson College, team leader at ATT Managed Services

Chas Douglis, Chief Financial Officer: Founder VoxVue, CFO Veridiem, CFO SiteScape, President Software Productivity Institute (SPI), Price Waterhouse, CPA

Brian Hays, Chairman and EVP, Founder:, former CEO of SiteScape software, SVP of SAIC, started many businesses in the high tech and other industries, including importing; Princeton AB, Michigan Law, US Marine Corps

Isaac Cherestal, Technical Country Manager –  Haiti : Haitian agronomist specializing in growing hot peppers and Haitian fruits. Has done training work for USAID in Haiti.  Runs non-profit food quality control foundation in Haiti.

 The opportunity is real…..the time is now….the costs are minimal – Let’s make it happen

A New Investment Model  Adopting a mission investing approach, Bel Soley is bringing changes to the way we invest.   read more

Bel Soley makes sense
Hear what investors, non-profits organizations, international development groups are saying about Bel Soley. 
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Corporate Responsability
Treating employees, suppliers and customers with respect and dignity is our drive for success. 
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Helping Reforest Haiti as an economic activity through partnership with farmers.  
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