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WELCOME to Bel Soley!
Bel Soley, an exciting new brand company registered both in Haiti and in the U.S. imports and distributes great tasting and affordable organic food products in the US and Canada.  Bel Soley also develops products  for the Haitian domestic market.  All the agricultural food products are proudly grown using natural methods.


Bel Soley wins Scovie Award for "Nap Boule" Hot Sauce

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Bel Soley introduces pepper-based economic development program.

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Bel Soley produces Haiti Is Hot! pepper sauce – the first world class pepper sauce from Haiti. Haiti is Hot! Is called Nap Boule! in Haiti, which is a Creole phrase meaning…We Are On Fire! The sauce is well named. The fiery heat in the sauce is produced by using piman bouk peppers. Piman bouk peppers are one of the varietals of the habanero family. Piman bouk peppers are native to Haiti and are a cross between scotch bonnet peppers and habaneros. Piman bouk peppers are red, orange, yellow or green – and hot in any color. Measured raw, piman bouk peppers come in at the sizzling rate of 124,000 Scoville Heat Units.


Bel Soley works with a number of small farmers and farming co-operatives who specialize in growing piman bouk peppers. When the peppers are harvested, they are combined with Haitian papaya, plus carrots, onions and other special ingredients in a traditional Haitian recipe. After cooking and bottling in modern facilities, Nap Boule! is shipped all over the world to hot sauce lovers and people who just want a great tasting and unique flavor.


Try Haiti Is Hot! Nap Boule! sauce in all sorts of foods – from traditional barbecue to fish, chicken and goat. Nap Boule! adds zest to vegetable dishes. Salsa is sassier with Haiti Is Hot! sauce and dips are more interesting. Use Nap Boule to add some spice to the recipes below to make a wonderful traditional Haitian dish

A New Investment Model  Adopting a mission investing approach, Bel Soley is bringing changes to the way we invest.   read more

Bel Soley makes sense
Hear what investors, non-profits organizations, international development groups are saying about Bel Soley. 
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Corporate Responsability
Treating employees, suppliers and customers with respect and dignity is our drive for success. 
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Helping Reforest Haiti as an economic activity through partnership with farmers.  
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What We Offer
Fresh organic products with the highest quality and delivered to you with the best care from the farmers of Haiti. 



  • Fresh Fruits
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Dried Fruits
  • Organic Fruits
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Healthy Juices
  • Haiti is Hot!, Nap Boule Hot Sauces


The Best Haitian Recipes for a good Nap Boule Hot Sauce
Make the best of your Nap Boule Hot Sauce, learn those new recipes below and add some Nap Boule for more flavor.
 Tassot (Fried Cubed Beef Goat)
 Stewed Conch (Lanbi)
 Chicken in Sauce
 Corn Friters
 Fried Pork (Griyo)
 Haitian Fish
 Haitian Patties
 Haitian Stew (Bouyon)
 Meatballs (boulèt)
 Rice Mushrooms (Diri djon jon)
 Rice Red Beans (Diri kole a pwa) 
 Squash Soup (Soup Joumou)

Our Approach

A new approach and business model is the best way to do business in Haiti.  Bel Soley sets up small, for-profit businesses in decentralized (rural) areas that partner with both a local Haitian non-profit and its international supporters.  Each stand-alone operation is a processing center for agricultural products supplied by small, local farmers – usually in conjunction with a micro-credit program. Each local production center handles fresh produce, as well as providing drying, puree, juice, sauce and powdering processing. From obtaining organic certification and working with small farmers and their co-operative organizations, through processing, transportation, export shipping to buyers in the US and Europe with active purchasing contracts, Bel Soley covers every step in the distribution value chain. 

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