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The first direct impact of Bel Soley will be the alleviation of poverty through good paying jobs and the continued purchase of farmers’ products providing them with a stable source of income. As part of Bel Soley strategy, the company will seek to partner with NGOs in every community where it is active. The partnership will allow the company to help understand the needs of the farmers, and help improve their production. Bel Soley will reserve a percentage of its profit to develop programs that promote local entrepreneurship and provide direct financial support to local community organizations. Bel Soley’s focus is organic foods; consequently it will leverage all green technology available whenever possible to limit any environmental impact in the communities where it works. Use of digesters, solar and wind energy will be part of Bel Soley hybrid systems.

Bel Soley Inc. will apply high ethical, moral, and legal principles in every aspect of business conduct. Bel Soley will not tolerate or work with suppliers or other persons who want extra-legal compensation in exchange for their cooperation or approval.  In addition, Bel Soley will engage in a constructive dialogue and direct cooperation with their suppliers (farmers) and subcontractors, especially in the communities where Bel Soley works. Bel Soley will encourage its suppliers to abide by and apply the same business principles that it upholds, thereby promoting good practice and creating a mutual relationship.  This will be done using several incentives, including training, promoting and developing new businesses to increase the supply chain, participating in community development work.

All Bel Soley employees are expected to abide by all pertinent legal rules and regulations related to their everyday jobs. Education or training regarding applicable laws and regulations will be provided to all employees.

Bel Soley will work to develop a strong partnership with its suppliers, especially the farmers of Haiti, its employees and customers.   Bel Soley is committed to work with the local farmers to help them increase their production, improve the quality of their product which in turn yields to better terms in contracts.  Bel Soley will base his partnership criteria on mutual respect, reputation of the supplier, quality and reliability.  However approval policies will remain the privacy of Bel Soley.

Through strong partnerships with the suppliers, Bel Soley hopes to increase the local economy by providing fair price to farmer goods.

Bel Soley intends to provide its customers with the best product, the best service and keeping a reliable chain of supply.  This in turn requires a strong partnership with the suppliers.

Bel Soley will take strong pride in been an active member of the communities where it is located.  Bel Soley will be active in helping develop new business opportunities in the community, encouraging youth participation in Bel Soley business innovation, promoting entrepreneurship and investing in new ideas.

Bel Soley will also work with local leaders of the community to help turn the company into a successful venture and shape Bel Soley image in the community.

Bel Soley will setup deliverables that show its impact on the local community economic development.  Such deliverables will be but not limited to, job creation, increase in farmers’ income and quality of product, training, respect of local culture, minimizing its impact on the local environment.

Bel Soley is committed to being a safe workplace and an environmentally responsible company.  Bel Soley will abide by all local and national rules and regulations in regards to protecting the environment.  Employees will be mandated to assure a proper and safe environment for all.  Safety rules will be put in place.   Proper training will be provided to all employees to ensure that all rules are followed.  At any time if any environment is considered unsafe, employees will advise the management team to take proper action to remedy the situation.  Bel Soley will use best practice to minimize the use of critical local resources such as water, wood, energy.


Bel Soley will establish working conditions that are safe, comfortable and compliant with internationally expected standards. Bel Soley will strive to provide its employee partners with compensation that exceed community standards and expectations where possible and provide its employee partners with adequate income to support themselves and families and provide for education, growth and improvement in living conditions.

Bel Soley is committed to a safe working environment that does not discriminate and respects employee’s culture and family values.  Each employee is responsible for acting in a manner that will help Bel Soley achieve the following goals:

• Equal Opportunity
It will be Bel Soley plan to make sure that all employees are properly trained and compensated based on their work performance.  Bel Soley will not discriminate in any ways and will provide equal opportunity to everyone seeking to join the Bel Soley team regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status.

• Diversity
Bel Soley will encourage diversity in the workplace and will work to create a work environment that values people personal ethics and standards.  Bel Soley believes that diversity in the workplace will come as an asset to the company.

• No Harassment
No harassment of any kind will be tolerated.  Conduct leading to sexual advances, engaging in sexual conducts, creating a hostile and intimidating environment will result in strong disciplinary actions and even lost of employment.

• Drug Free Workplace
Use, possession and distribution of illegal substance in any Bel Soley facility will be strictly prohibited.  Conducting any activities leading to drug deals in the workplace or in Bel Soley properties will also be prohibited.  Bel Soley understands that such activities will affect employees’ performance, endanger coworkers and constitutes a risk to the reputation of the company.

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