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Jean-Patrick Lucien
Bel Soley, CEO

As the son of an agronomist and grandson of a farmer, I grew up in Haiti , seeing farmers working hard while raising their families with dignity and enjoying the fruits of their labor with pride.  The last two decades of the past century have certainly been hard on every farmer in the country with the spiraling deterioration of the economic environment.   Yet, during our many visits to Haiti the last 4 years, we have met farmers growing great natural crops with no opportunity to bring them to the world market.
Bel Soley wants to be the bridge between Haitian farmers and consumers, both local and international, looking for quality, fresh and organic products.  Bel Soley also wants to develop businesses in rural Haiti and promote local productions and transformation of farmers’ products.  We want to be the image of quality products from Haiti, that comply with all local and international standards (HACCP, USDA, FDA, CFIA, FSA).  At this challenging economic juncture, it certainly makes sense to go back to the roots of Haiti ’s main resources, which are its hard working people and the land, to get its economy moving forward toward a brighter future.

Knox Singleton

Bel Soley strategy is tackling mission work in the old fashion way. Starting a traditional business which we believe will have dramatic social implications.  In the past, many have taken the approach of creating social enterprises with a business approach but we believe that a business with a social dimension has a much higher probability of success.

When we look at Haiti (and perhaps much of the rest of the third world), you see that without an underlying economic system that produces ongoing value for its participants and owners, there is little prospect of sustainable improvements in health care, education, and quality of life.  After considerable research and planning, we believe Bel Soley has come up with a model that can be both a signifigant business success (albeit with considerable risk) and have tremendously positive social implications at the same time.

Brian Hays
Bel Soley Chairman

The best way to improve the life of the average Haitian and of the country as a whole is to provide honorable, well-paying jobs. Development will grow and be sustained through a positive, for-profit upward economic spiral – successful businesses spawning other new successful business. This is possible because Haiti is a real economic opportunity to North American and European countries. Haiti is close to American markets (600 miles vs 6600 miles to China), has low land and labor costs, has a beneficial tropical climate and an enthusiastic and willing population. International companies have failed to leverage these attributes out of ignorance and fear.

Years of turmoil and confusion have made most companies wary of doing business in Haiti. But settling conditions and a wide recognition by Haitian leaders that the country has an opportunity in the world economy make new business formation attractive. By understanding and working with Haitian standards and culture, combined with a rigorous devotion to quality standards expected by the international business community, Bel Soley is one of the leading companies developing new businesses in Haiti. With Haitian and international partners, Bel Soley is organized and financed to be a key partner in a Haitian business renaissance.”


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Bel Soley makes sense
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Corporate Responsability
Treating employees, suppliers and customers with respect and dignity is our drive for success. 
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Helping Reforest Haiti as an economic activity through partnership with farmers.  
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